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Double Chin Treatments in Westchester, New York­­

Plenty of men and women are self-conscious and dissatisfied with pesky fat beneath the chin. The appearance of the dreaded double chin can be so distressing that some even avoid photos or speaking on FaceTime. Some even wear concealing clothing just to disguise it. However, don’t think you have to turn to an invasive surgical procedure to banish the excess fat.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the first injectable treatment approved by the FDA that targets the fat that hangs out underneath your chin. Unlike traditional facial fat reduction techniques, Kybella uses deoxycholic acid, a natural fat absorber already produced by your body. This safe injectable solution is able to liquefy and treat stubborn submental fullness without any incisions, scarring, or other worries that come along with going under the knife. Kybella is simple, and you can enjoy feeling confident in your appearance.

Why choose Kybella?

While individual experiences may vary, Kybella can provide patients with a long-lasting solution to the double chin dilemma. Results are generally permanent, but it’s still important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Kybella is an effective treatment for those who find it difficult to shed excess fat in the submental (under chin) region due to genetics, uneven weight loss, or a number of other factors which can contribute to the buildup beneath your jawline. Remember, this is not an answer for large-scale fat reduction.

One of the great advantages of Kybella is that since it’s not a surgical procedure, there is often no lengthy recovery period. Many of our patients schedule their session during their lunch break and are able to return to work shortly after.

How are Kybella treatments performed?

During your consultation at Westchester Surgical Arts, Dr. Karlinsky will help you determine if Kybella is the right approach to your unique situation. Leading up to your treatment, we will provide you with all the necessary preparation guidelines and answers to any questions you may have. Because Kybella is a non-surgical injectable procedure, little preparation is necessary.

Depending on your specific goals and the amount of excess targeted for removal, we may recommend a series of up to six Kybella sessions. Each appointment should take only about 15 to 20 minutes and may include up to 50 injections. For optimal results, each of your Kybella sessions should be scheduled about a month apart. Studies have shown that an overwhelming majority of patients were able to see a significant reduction in submental fullness after just their fourth Kybella treatment.

Learn More About Kybella Treatments at Westchester Surgical Arts

You want amazing results without having to take too much time away from the demands of your busy family and work life. Dr. Karlinsky is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who can help you realize your personal cosmetic goals with Kybella.

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