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Tummy Tuck

Abdominal Contouring in Westchester, New York

Loose, sagging skin and weakened muscles around your midsection can often be left behind following pregnancy or weight loss. Your confidence can take a hit from the embarrassing aftereffects of such major events. The good news is that excess skin or a sagging midsection doesn’t have to be a permanent part of life. A tummy tuck procedure with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Karlinsky can restore a flat, well-contoured appearance to your abdomen.

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

What is a tummy tuck?

Technically called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that addresses loose, drooping skin, excess fat (with liposuction), and outstretched muscles of the abdomen. This surgical procedure can flatten and smooth out the appearance of your midsection.

Why choose a tummy tuck?

From childbirth to weight loss, there are many reasons our patients opt for a tummy tuck. Many of our clients want to:

  • Slim, contour, and diminish abdomen size
  • Trim a protruding belly or overhanging stomach
  • Treat excess, sagging abdominal skin
  • Eliminate fat from the stomach area (liposuction may be required)
  • Repair weakened abdominal muscles

While individual results may vary, most of our patients notice immediate results following the procedure. It’s not uncommon to continue seeing additional benefits in the months after the surgery. Keep in mind that a tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or a proper diet and exercise program.

If you’re looking for a faster and less invasive way to firm up your midsection, you might also be interested in Dr. Karlinsky’s mini tummy tuck.

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

How is the tummy tuck performed?

During your initial consultation at our Westchester Surgical Arts offices, Dr. Karlinsky will provide a complete overview of the surgery process, anesthesia preparation, and guidelines to follow prior to your tummy tuck procedure.

Because this is a surgical operation requiring general anesthesia, the entire procedure will take place in our Manhattan facility. We will provide round trip transportation, so you won’t have any extra worries when it comes time for your tummy tuck. No overnight stay is necessary, and any follow-up appointments will be in our Westchester Surgical Arts offices for your convenience.

While you are under general anesthesia, Dr. Karlinsky will make an incision from hip to hip, being careful to conceal any potential future scarring under your bathing suit line. Over the course of the procedure, three main concerns will be addressed: excess fat, loose skin, and detached abdominal muscles. Some additional liposuction may be used to gently treat fat and better shape your abdominal area.

Learn More About a Tummy Tuck at Westchester Surgical Arts

You want amazing results without having to take too much time away from the demands of your busy family and work life. Dr. Karlinsky is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who can help you realize your personal goals for a firm and contoured midsection. Contact our office today to schedule your private consultation at Westchester Surgical Arts.

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